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Capa do álbum: 'The Great Puzzle'. Arte de colagem com elementos da natureza em tons de azul e marrom.
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Lucas Etcheverria comes from Brazil and lives in Hamburg, Germany, since 2019. As main background for his music, he brings a colourful blend of jazz, Brazilian music and prog rock/metal.

His newest work, the first own-compositions album "The Great Puzzle", is being released at the moment. The album presents his songs, played in quintet and quartet settings - featuring Björn Atle Anfinsen (trumpet), Jonas Oppermann (piano), Giorgi Kiknadze (double bass) and Rafa Müller (drums). The release has had good reception on worldwide playlists, blogs and regional tv shows.

Still in Brazil, he released his EP "Ways Ahead" (2019) with a selection of standards, played by great musicians such as Kiko Freitas (drums) and Edu Martins (double bass).

In addition, he's also an active member of acts such as GIDAM, Tudo Azul, Alex Petratos Strings and Lute
s, Peaceful Trio and Maracutaia.


With his bands and features he's already performed in Brazil, Germany, England, Italy and most recent as part of the release tour for his duo GIDAM, in Japan. Some of his performances include venues and festivals such as ELBJAZZ, Vibraphonissimo Festival,, JazzHall Hamburg, Hamburger Rathaus, Jazz Kitchen, Cheltenham Festival (UK), International Jazz Day (BR), Musik Week Asciano (IT) frequently in venues in Hamburg and the surrounding area.

Lucas is a scholarship holder from the Franz-Wirth-Gedächtnis Stiftung.

Lucas Etcheverria black and white picture with D'Angelico guitar

Foto: Anton Deyß

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Album cover: 'The Great Puzzle'. Collage art featuring elements of nature in a blue and brown mood.



Lucas Etcheverria brings a handful of songs which translate some of his thoughts on certain human feelings and common social behaviours. Most of the songs were inspired by attributes such as pride, ego, fear, joy, admiration and inner peace.

The band brings this concept to life with a mix of sensibility, dialogue and impactful energy. The group explores different scenarios in an overall dark-nostalgic mood.

The listener can expect a spectrum that goes since contemporary souding songs like "Asciano" and "Deconstruct", to brazilian-inspired rhythms like in "Pontestrela" and "Nuvem", until intense rock-like moments like in "Resilience". In addition to that, the album brings the nostalgic short ballad "Daily Reminder" and an up-tempo song with influences from traditional jazz, "The Value of Innocence".

Lucas Etcheverria (guitar / composition)

Björn Atle Anfinsen (trumpet / flugelhorn)

Jonas Oppermann (piano)

Giorgi Kiknadze (double bass)

Rafa Müller (drums)


released October 6, 2023 on Bandcamp

to be released January 5, 2023 on all platforms

Recorded at FrogStudio Hamburg
Mixed by Matthias Schwarz-Tkotz / Milchkettenmusik
Mastered by Alex Huber / Sonarrec
Cover design by Gabriela Basso
Pictures and video recording by Ronald Frommann
Produced by Lucas Etcheverria

Album-Cover: 'The Great Puzzle'. Collage-Kunst mit Elementen der Natur in blauer und brauner Stimmung.


Featured Videos

Featured Videos

Featured Videos
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Jazz Tied | Zu Gast: Lucas Etcheverria Quintett

Jazz Tied | Zu Gast: Lucas Etcheverria Quintett

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On The Street Where You Live

On The Street Where You Live

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Wechselbalg - Alex Petratos Strings and Lutes

Wechselbalg - Alex Petratos Strings and Lutes

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Live Teaser: "Tudo Azul" (Band) // Brazilian Jazz Music 🇧🇷 from Hannover, Germany 🇩🇪

Live Teaser: "Tudo Azul" (Band) // Brazilian Jazz Music 🇧🇷 from Hannover, Germany 🇩🇪

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Here's a playlist with recordings I had the pleasure to participate. Those include the bands GIDAM, Tudo Azul, Alex Petratos Strings and Lutes, Yuliia Holub Trio, releases from the album "The Great Puzzle" and from the EP "Ways Ahead".


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